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Buying Acreages

Important Questions to Ask When Buying Acreages

There are pitfalls in purchasing acreages and this is where having a land specialist working for you can make the process easier and help avoid any costly mistakes. Did you know that some properties come with water rights? How do you find out? What does it entail? What exactly does "acre feet" mean? Dan Fraser will research any water and irrigation licenses on your behalf, make sure you understand the rights and ensure they are transferred with the property. If you have children, you need to know about access to schools. Is the road maintained in the winter? What does an access easement mean? If you need to sink a well, what is the process? What is the likelihood of finding water? Is the property in the ALR? Is there GST? Who is the TNRD and what role do they play? How do you find the answers to these and other questions? Ask Dan.

Dan will work with you to make sure that you know what you are buying and you will know what to expect. He will do the necessary research on your behalf and explain the results so that you understand - and can have peace of mind as you become an owner of a little bit of God's country. When thinking of purchasing acreage, whether land, ranch, recreational or hobby farm, ask yourself:

  • What price range are you considering?
  • How far from the amenities of a city or town are you willing to be?
  • What time frame are you anticipating for your purchase?
  • What will you use the property for? Farming? Recreation? Peace and quiet?
  • Will you need irrigation water?
  • Will you live there year-round?
  • What size property would best suit your needs?
  • Are you a GST registrant?
  • Are you pre-approved to purchase? (Raw land purchases require 35% to 50% down payment.)

Then contact Dan ... you'll be glad you did! Click here to contact Dan.